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  • 1-Motor Pet Dryer
    • 1-Motor Pet Dryer
    • 1-Motor Pet Dryer
  • 1-Motor Pet Dryer
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1) The breakthrough technology of the pet dryer brings natural heating and quiet, insulated operation to improve productivity in grooming shops.

2) Powerful,high velocity dryer delivers a high volume of warm air to blast water from coats without damaging coats with heat.
3) Two-stage filtration and solid state variable speed controls. Two speeds allow you to be carried and handle anywhere you need it.
4) The unit has a 3 meters puncture-resistant, triple reinforced, flexible hose with four nozzles options, air concentrator and air flare, to handle all-size pets and all coats.
5) Constructed of rugged,durable steel and built to last,with non-skid tabs on bottom.
6) Filter is washable and easy to replace.
7) Airflow control, air concentrator, air flare and groomer rake, etc.


Power: 2800W, 2.2HP
Air speed: 38m/s-48m/s
Temperature: 40℃-65℃
Power supply: 110-240V
Noise: 60DB
N.W.: 3.85kg

G.W.: 5.40kg

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