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    Anesthesia Machine
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AneKing is a professional large animal anesthesia machine designed and developped by Shinova. It is specially used for large animal, like horse, cow, tiger, pig etc. It can be used in farm, zoo, wild animal zoo, forest park, animal research center and so on.


Inspiration mode: open mode, closed mode, semi-open and semi-closed mode
Gas source: O2, 0.3~0.4Mpa
O2 Flush valve: 25L/min~75L/min
Flow meter: high precision O2 flow meter, 0~1Lmin~10Lmin
CO2 circle absorber: with soda lime chamber, APL valve, airway pressure gauge, inspiration valve and expiration valve, the inspiration and expiration valve is demo-type and visible
APL valve: 0~60cmH2O, adjust easily
Airway pressure gauge: -20cmH2O~100cmH2O, -2Kpa~10Kpa
Soda lime chamber: 8 Liter, it is easy to change soda lime and used for over 1000kg animal
Bains connector: it is used for open breath circuit, connect with Jackson breath circuit or bains breath circuit
Anesthesia vaporizer: Enflurane, Isoflurane, Halothane, Sevoflurane vaporizer with selectatec compatiable mounting bar. Cage mounting vaporizer is compatiable
A handle on the top
Trolley is easily to transport everywhere (optional)


Standard  configuration:
Anesthesia machine, one vaporizer, one gas source pipeline, one set disposable breath circuit, one airbag.

Optional  configuration:
O2&N2O two tubes flow meter, Trolley

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