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    Hemo 930V
    Hematology Analyzer
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Compact, flexible and easy to use, safety and hurtless to environment
Automatic sample probe cleaning

Adjustable-probe, optional sample container

High precision microanalysis technology, low consumption of blood sample volume (only 9.6μL)

8.4” High Resolution LCD monitor
High voltage zap with monitor in real time, recoil flush technology
Double convolution and intelligent fitting technology
Intelligent float discriminator, manual adjustment
Real-time help and operating guide on any interface
Comprehensive QC project
20 parameters + 3 color histograms

Multiple Animal Species:

 Twelve pre-defined programs: dog, cat, horse, cattle, pig, sheep, monkey, mouse, etc. + four programmable on request
 20 parameters + 3 histograms
 Improvable on animal kinds and testing parameters

Application Areas:

 Pet hospitals          
 Farming hospitals      
 Animal and plant quarantine departments
 Laboratory of scientific research institutes


Advanced Technology:

Hemo 930V Vet fully auto hematology analyzer is an easy operation instrument for veterinary, who owns comprehensive functions and perfect blood analytical system with 3-part differentiation of WBC. It’s advantaged at digital technology, float discriminator, intelligent error-correcting function, time & volume quantitative technique guarantees the precise result.


Principles: Electrical resistance for counting, hemiglobincyanide mesurement and SFT method for hemoglobin
Parameters: 3-part differentiation of WBC 20 parameters + 3 color histograms(WBC, RBC, PLT)
Sample Volume: Venous: 9.6μL, Prediluted: 20μL
Throughput: 30 samples per hour
Data Storage: Up to 12,000 results with histograms, convenient for inquiry and management of history data
Species of animals: Dog, cat, horse, cow, goat, monkey and mouse etc. Additionally, four user-defined test modes are provided to meet the needs of various users.
Quality Control: L-J curve, X, SD, CV
Calibration Mode: Relatively independent manual calibration and auto calibration in three detecting modes.
Display: 8.4” High Resolution LCD monitor
Information: Multiple samples and users characters input
Interface: USB, PS/2, parallel interface, RS-232 ports for network
Printout: Internal rapid thermal printer, external inkjet printer, various printout formats

Power Requirement: 100-240V, ~50±1Hz

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