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    • Handheld Ultrasound
    • Handheld Ultrasound
    • Handheld Ultrasound
    • Handheld Ultrasound
    • Handheld Ultrasound
    • Handheld Ultrasound
    • Handheld Ultrasound
    • Handheld Ultrasound
  • Handheld Ultrasound
    SonoScan A6V
    Black/White Ultrasound
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1)   5.8 inch WVGA LCD monitor, wide viewing angle;
2)   Only weight 0.6 kg;
3)   4.5~5.5 hours Li-ion battery for operating;
4)   Support USB for ultrasound station to transfer images and video to your computer, 450~550 frame cine loop inside;
5)   Excellent imaging quality and ergonomic design;
6)   Support leather sheath, designed to be resistant to extremely harsh farm conditions;
7)   Software & Report for reproductive system, and measurement for distance, area, circumference, volume, angle, heart rate;
8)   Video Goggle eases your job and gets you focused (optional);
9)   Provides versatile solutions with the greatest ease of use for all veterinarian applications- bovine, equine, swine, ovine, Lama and small ruminants:
 Fast and reliable detection of pregnancy from 28th day on cows, 13th on mares, 25th on sheep and goats,18th on pigs (pregnancy control, ovarian examinations, post partum diagnosis …)
 Fetal sexing on cows, mares, sheep and goats
 Back fat measurements on pigs, cows and sheep


Monitor: 5.8 TFT-LCD
Display Modes: B/B+B/4B/B+M/M
Scanning Depth: 220mm, 8-adjustable level (image multiplying factor)
Gray Scales: 256
Port: one mouse port/one Video (PAL, NTSC)/one USB 2.0
Weight: ≤650g
Measurements: Distance, circumference, volume, EF rate, heart rate, time
OB Measurement: GS, BL, HL, SL, USD, HD, BD, CRL, EDD, GA
Operation Interface: English/Chinese
Comments: date & time, hospital, name, age, sex
Report: available
Image Processing (IP): available
Cine-loop: ≥400frames
Conversion: up/down, left/right
Pseudo Color: 3
Histogram: available
Image Smooth: ≥4 grade
Gama Correction: available
Focus: ≥2
Focus Position: 7-adjustable level
Frame Correlation:≥8-adjustable level
Gain: far gain/near gain/gain adjustable
Intensity: adjustable
Contrast: adjustable
Battery Capacity: ≥2800mAh
Continuous Operating Time: ≥4h
Probe:  Multi-frequency probes

Bovine, Equine, Swine, Ovine , Camels, Lama, small ruminants, etc.


Main unit + one Rectal Linear Probe;
Li-ion high power capacity battery, Battery charger, Neck strap and hand strap, User guide, Aluminum alloy carry case.
Rectal convex probe, high frequency linear probe, Micro-convex probe, Abdominal convex probe, Li-ion high-power-capacity battery, Car Charger, Battery charger, Video goggle, Wrist LED Monitor.

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