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  • LCD Pre-Vacuum Sterilizer
    • LCD Pre-Vacuum Sterilizer
  • LCD Pre-Vacuum Sterilizer
    Pre-Vacuum Autoclave
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1. All of the B class program, flash program, cleaning program, user defined program.
2. LCD Display
3. The parameter of program is adjustable
4. Vacuum Test/Helix Test/B&D Test.
5. All action parts can control alone.
6. Printer/USB output
7. Top water Tank
8. The Door for protecting open.
10. Quickly sterilize
11. Can keep temperature for next quickly sterilizing.
12. Easy to maintain

13. Easy to operate


Power: 2.3KW, 220V/50Hz (Power supply can be customized)
Size (L× W× H): 650mm x 550mm x 430mm
Volume: 18L
Chamber Size: Φ250mm× 350mm

Distance between foot pads of product (L× W): 412mm x 415mm (Min dimensions of table)

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