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  • Portable X-Ray Machine
    • Portable X-Ray Machine
  • Portable X-Ray Machine
    X-Ray Machine
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This unit is a portable diagnostic X-ray unit r-ray-proof with a single focus. It can be use for veterinary fluoroscopy and radiography on bone, heart, skull and foreign body in the body, etc. It is easy to assemble and operate.


1. Operation condition of the unit 
Environmental temperature: 10-40℃
elative humidity:        30%-75%
Atmospheric pressure:      70-106kPa 

2.Power condition: AC 220V±10%(single phase) ,50Hz/60Hz, Net resistant ≤2Ω 
3.The maximum tube voltage:  75kVp
4.The maximum tube current :  10mA
5.Selection scope of time: 0.2-9.9sec.
6.The focus of X-ray tube:1.5×1.5mm2
7.Horizontal turning angle of the X-ray unit head: 360o
8.X-ray unit head turning angle around the horizontal axis: 270o
9.Stretching & retracting range of the X-ray unit head: 700mm,
10.Range of movement:  up-down: 220mm, left-right: 130mm,
11.Weight: 25Kg
12. Working current of the equipment: 5A


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