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  • Vet Canulated Drill
    • Vet Canulated Drill
    • Vet Canulated Drill
  • Vet Canulated Drill
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1) Axial run-out of concentricity is within 0.05mm.

2) Rotating speed of 600 rpm is more suited to the medical standard for the operation power.
3) About 4 N/M for the foreign brand, and 3.3 N/M for Shinova product.
4) Supporting the interface of the brand product.
5) Full-sealed manufacturing technology for electric motor more complies with the requirements of high temperature and high pressure disinfection.
6) Semi-luster surface treatment technology gives the operator more comfortable operation.
7) Multipurpose interface is easier to use in clinic.
8) 4.0mm hollow for all brand guide needles to pass through.


Hand piece: Working voltage: 14.4V; Output power: ≥90W; Unit rise in temp: ≤20°C
Charger: Input voltage: AC 110V-240V, 50Hz-60Hz; Output power: 14.4V, 900mA; Input power: 30W
Battery: Voltage: 14.4V; Charging time: 2 hours or more
Speed: 0-650 rpm
Noise: ≤65db
Sterilized: ≤135°C


Standard Configuration:

1*Hand piece, 1*Charger, 1*Battery, 1*Drill chuck, 1*Sterilized channel, 1*Key, 1*Aluminum box.

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