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    • Vital Signs Monitor
    • Vital Signs Monitor
    • Vital Signs Monitor
    • Vital Signs Monitor
    • Vital Signs Monitor
    • Vital Signs Monitor
    • Vital Signs Monitor
  • Vital Signs Monitor
    Multiparameter Monitor
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    Operating Room, Exam Room, ICU Room


1. Unique and nasal tube respiration measurement. Accurate respiration rate and wave only can be achieved by nasal tube respiration when patient can not repose completely.
2.Streamline outward appearance design, High-lightness LED digital tube display
3.Easy operation with rotated mouse
4.Low power design, rechargeable high-energy built-in battery.
5.Fast and accurate measurement of blood pressure, a function of venous-puncture
6.Using advance Analog technology, accurately measure the Spo2 in low perfusion situation.
7.Audible & visual alarm available and alarm limits are adjustable.
8.Suitable for adults, pediatrics, neonates. 
9.Application in hospital like emergency pre-and post-operative care, theater\operating room, intermediate care\step down units, labor and delivery, hospital-based special procedure areas and outdoor ambulance surgery.

10.Communication functions to network with central monitoring system.Long-distance monitoring and software upgrade


Test principle Automatic oscillometric
Patients types Adult、pediatric、and neonate
Measurement parameters, systolic mean, diastolic
Measurement type Manual、automatic、and continuous
Measurement rang 15-300mmHg
Units of measurement mmHg/kPa optional
Accuracy ±2 mmHg


Measurement range:0 BPM- 120 BPM
Accuracy :±1 BPM or ±5 %
Body temperature
Measurement range 20.0~45.0℃
Display T1、T2
Units of measurement: ℃/℉ optional
Accuracy ±0.1℃

Measurement range 0-100% Resolution 1%
Pulse rate range 30-250 BPM
Accuracy ±2%

Standard parameter: Respiration+ Temperature+NIBP+Spo2(Built in rechargeable battery)

Temperature:5 to 45℃
Relative humidity: ≤ 80 %
Air pressure:70 to 106 kPa

Transport and Storage:
Temperature:-20 to 55℃
Relative humidity ≤ 93%
Air Pressure:50 to 106 kPa
Input voltage:100 to 240 V
Frequency:50/60 Hz
Operation time:≥ 8 hours
Internal battery:≥ 1 hour

Connectors of signs
CRT: Standard VGA connectors
NET: RJ45 connectors

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