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  • X-RAY film processor
    • X-RAY film processor
  • X-RAY film processor
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The automatic x-ray film processor is open-room operation,small volume,low noise,simple operation,safe,fast and durable;
The time for developping per film is about 30 seconds,the whole time for multi film is 2 to 8 minutes;
Many kinds of films such as 2×3,3×4 and 2.7×5.4cm may be applicable for the treatment of development;
Wall-mounted & fixed dental unit.

Brightroom operation,low noise,simple operation. Safe,fast,and  durable classlfled  as  wall  mounted  type  and  desk  top  type and   the  former can save pianar  space (standard configuration).the  lattre is  movable (addlilonalilty optional )  one  place  of film  enters  per  30  seconds for mull-film developing  disposal, and  this  may  be integrakiy.

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