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  • Stainless Steel Pet Tub
    • Stainless Steel Pet Tub
    • Stainless Steel Pet Tub
    • Stainless Steel Pet Tub
  • Stainless Steel Pet Tub
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The electric stainless steel bath-tub is designed according to the pets specific bathing requirements. Either the tub size or the specific functions are all help to make the bathing job easy and time-saving .The bath-tub also has bellowing advantages:
1) It adopts 304 stainless steel, it makes the bath-tub not only has good sealing and solid, but also easily to clean and maintenance.
2) The bath-tub adopts key-lock door. The height of the bath-tub is controlled by "toot controller".
3) There are two-section plants on the bottom. User can move the plate suitable for the small pets.
4) Its equipped with three-side barriers which can prevent water spills on the floor and keep the grooming room clean and tidy.
5) Both sides barriers equipped with pre-cut holes for the water blower. The users can dry the pets directly after bath.
6) The bottom structure for the bath-tub is "X" shape, which is drived by electric pump. The lifting height is from 35cm to 70cm.

7) The feet equipped with regulating screws which is for drainage after bath.

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